Almost Ready for the Workshop

2015092137837In a frenzy of activity, Scott and I find ourselves nearly ready for the workshop to begin. Yesterday we hung the doors. They will eventually be painted robin’s egg blue. However, for the time being, we’ll remove the doors (leaving the frames in place) in order to provide easy access to the walls during the workshop.

2015092137838Because our greenhouse has a shed roof,  it will not meet the walls at a 90-degree angle. So we do not have to re-tie bales in custom sizes with angles to fit the roof, Scott built these boxes beneath all the eaves on the north, east and west walls. Our stacked bales will reach the bottom of these boxes. Then we’ll pack these boxes with light clay straw, which we will create using our own soil, water, and straw. Once each box is filled, we’ll attach diamond lath to the front to hold the straw clay in place and to act as the tooth for the first coat of plaster.

2015092137841Our Snap-Fan and solar panel arrived last week. When the greenhouse becomes too hot, the fan will automatically turn on and vent the space. Once the greenhouse is complete, the fan will be installed in the square box on the north wall. You can see space for the Snap-Fan in the photo above