Greenhouse Foundation Finished

2015081737692Nearly a week later and the greenhouse foundation is finished. The 4 x 4 sill plate is now secured to the cement foundation. On the south wall, where the windows will be, 2 x 6s are in place.



2015082037735Scott filled the space between the 4 x 4s with gravel. This, in combination with the tar paper, will wick away any moisture that might accumulate.




2015082037736We left two inches of concrete on each side of the sill plate. This will be the final plaster stop at the bottom of each wall.






2015081437675We tried to arrange for our straw to come from local sources. However, for this project, the timing of Wayne County’s harvest is too late to guarantee its arrival in time for our workshop. As a result, we contacted Don Brown, our friend in Hinkley, Utah. Don located 90 bales of dry, bright, tightly baled straw and drove it to Torrey.

2015081437676It is safely stored under multiple tarps, away from any wet weather that will likely occur between now and October.

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