Greenhouse Foundation

Workshop participants will arrive October 1, less than two months away. Between now and then, much must be accomplished. The first step, the foundation, was completed when Tyler Torgeson, owner of Double T Construction – – poured the foundation.

Torrey. Tyler T and Bob pour cement for greenhouse.

The 22-inch north, east, and west sides will be strawbale walls. This will accommodate an 18-inch bale plus two inches of plaster on the inside and outside of the structure. The foundation on the south side, which is five inches wide, will be fitted with fixed and awning windows made of 8 mm, twin walled, polycarbonate panels.

Torrey. Greenhouse foundation.

Torrey. Greenhouse foundation.

To blend the foundation with the surrounding soil, Davis Concrete Pigment – #10134 (salmon) was added. Tyler recommended the color as the best match he has seen in the area. So far, so good.


In order to keep everything isolated from the concrete, we install tarpaper on the foundation. This will ensure that no moisture wicks from the concrete into the frame and straw. The treated wood 4 X 4 sill plate will anchor the walls to the floor and, again, keep the straw away from any moisture in the concrete. As one might guess, moisture and straw do not make a happy marriage.


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